年10月21日 3G SYSTRA 3G System Training Service Description CTXX Issue en Nokia Networks Oy 错误!使用“开始” 应用于要在此处显示的文字. 3G SYSTRA. Introduction to 3G & UMTS Identify what is meant by the term 3G and briefly outline the work completed by the specification bodies. Furthermore. Directory: 3G/4G develop. Plat: PDF Size: KB Downloads: 4. Upload time: Uploader: joyraj. Description: This book on 3G system.

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Characteristics Code Speech Telephony T11 The most important service for mobile systems, normal speech service, including emergency calls. GSM network architecture Systda we take a look at the entire network, we can see that some network elements have not been discussed yet.

3G-Systra This book on 3G system .practical book. –

Different ways of charging a subscriber 2. There are a number of solutions that have been designed to overcome these problems: It cancels the echo generated in the 2 wire subscriber cable in the PSTN. Service provider to MAP. This document is intended for the use of Nokia Networks’ customers only for the purposes of the agreement under which the document is submitted, and no part of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or means without the prior written permission of Nokia Networks.

This means that the main responsibilities of the BSC are: To solve these problems, that is, to determine the traffic capacity, we have to calculate the number of Erlangs. Basically, there are three essential points that need to be fulfilled before a service becomes available.

This document is intended for the use of Nokia Networks’ customers only for the purposes of the agreement under which the document is submitted, and no part of it syshra be reproduced or transmitted in any sytra or means without the prior written permission of Nokia Networks. That is, a PCM channel as a whole 8 bits can be switched from any cable to any channel. This also enables switching for half rate speech.


00_Table of Contents 3G SYSTRA(Jan-06)

Topics to be covered in this module include understanding the network databases and the information stored within them.

A subscriber in a fixed network dials the number of a mobile station.

Match the year in the left-hand column with the corresponding significant GSM event in the middle column. After the installation work has been completed, the radio environment has to be measured and tested to ensure its proper operation and coverage before putting it into use.

In the example of the army, the soldiers are one type of logical channel and the officers are other types of logical channels, and they exercise some kind of control depending on their responsibilities. The simultaneous use of separate uplink and downlink frequencies systrra communication in both the transmit TX and the receive RX directions.

In addition, there are two more elements in the NSS: Nowadays, GSM specifications define two truly open interfaces. Computer aided design systems and tools are used for coverage prediction, interference analysis, frequency planning, microwave link planning, documentation etc. Why not use the same line for both BTSs?

These bursts have to arrive at the Base Transceiver Station so that they can map exactly into their allocated time slots. In practice, the network has to find solutions to three problems before it can even set up a call: It has only one basic configuration.


Nokia 3G Systra

A generic LA 1 location update is performed if they are different. When these services are provided as a basic or supplementary service, it is not only important to know what is transmitted. Moreover, the 3v number and the handover number have a similar purpose, that is, connecting two MSCs.

The implementation of the switching and signalling network must also be considered. Logical channels comprise of common channels and dedicated channels. SRES is used for speech encryption and Kc is used for authentication. This enables the equipment from several manufacturers to coexist and hence improves the cost efficiency of the system from the operator’s point of view. To analyse the dialled digits. The final phase is the dimensioning of the ysstra network on 3h basis of the traffic requirements and dimensioning of the entire radio network.

After the network has been dimensioned, a detailed plan is made with a number of inputs, for instance Data Communications Network DCN settings towards the NMS, network diagrams, the synchronisation plan, a detailed routing plan, digit analysis, detailed signalling, numbering and charging plans, etc. There is multipath propagation, shadowing and propagation delay. All of the above.

We will use an Italian subscriber as an example: One of the major drawbacks with field tests is that it they are costly processes. With the help of the authentication procedure the operator prevents the use of false SIMs in the network.