MM: Achyutananda Das has written Malika [Malika is the main important thing of Achyutananda Das, in which he has forecasted many things.]. Achyutananda was the most prolific writers among the panchasakha. . all with specific description in one manuscript called “Jaiphula Malika”.

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Two important factors set the Panchasakhas apart from other Indian Hindu Saints.


This is seen in his statement from the Gurubhakti Gita:. He was a prolific author, and one of the group of five, that led a revolution in spirituality in Odisha by translating Sanskrit texts into the Odia language for common people. His teachings are filled with references to outer locations existing as energies in the body.

About Shri Achyuta; he also will not take another birth but will do achuutananda work through his disciple, even many might claim to be Shri Achyuta in later years. A few false saints will be preaching false knowledge and they will have no footing anywhere.

He Achyuta had hinted this in his Chakadaa Madaana a manuscript: The manuscript is partly available the preface in Oriya language.

He himself pointing out to meinstructed: Achyutananda had predicted the birth of many saints of Bengal, viz. Add one to four and place three zeroes on the right. His childless parents had prayed to Lord Jagannath and then one night his father had a vision that Garuda the Eagle of Visnu gave him a child.

Achutananda Malika – video dailymotion

The Kalki will only be a combination of a human body with the five souls of Shri Visnu. It has no shape, no colour, It is invisible and without a name This Brahman is called Shunya Brahman. The Panchasakhas therefore promoted a Vaishnavism that involved study of scriptures, yoga, rituals, and devotion.


Knowing this, Shri Chaitanya conferred the title of ‘Atibadi’ the great achyutanadna Jagannatha Das to keep up the dignity of the Utkaliya Vaishnavas [ citation maliika ]. Piercing six chakras blooms the lotus Near the ethereal void of air Between the Sutala and Rasatala The bee abides at the zenith of the void One is not a servant of the Lord just because they have a rosary Unless he utters the name of Krisna in his inner heart; The Name is the seed, rosary its robe Rosary is of no use if God’s name is mindlessly uttered The three cords are the three triadic streams Make your oblations there Ayudhya, Dwarika, and the city of Achyutamanda This knowledge is memorised by every soul.

At the time of Shri Chaitanya, his followers who came from Nadia, called later as Gaudiyawere considering themselves greater or superior to the Utkaliya Vaishnavas and were disregarding them.

Mahapurusha Achyutananda lived achutananda be years of age and when he left this plane he left behind copper, silver and gold plates patti to guide his students.

In his first birth in this Kaliyuga his name was “Sindurananda” Sundarananda as per some documents when he was in the companionship of Shri Chaitanya partial manifestation of Visnu for Naama-Bhakti in Bengal. The Sudarshana Lord Visnu’s weapon-disc is there to identify the devotees and truthful souls. He was Shri Chaitnya, Lord of the universe who manifested on earth along with Nityaananda. Below is the description about his human-birth in the name of “Achyuta”, song by Baba in an emotional state.


This shunya signifies a transcendental principle that eludes the conceptual nexus applied to human thinking as described in the Upanishads. With our knowledge if we show our pure love bhaktiwe can definitely get the sunyatma GOD.

Sri Achyuta Dasa was born a Sudra low caste and through knowledge and god realization achieved the position of a Brahmin high caste. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Views Read Edit View history.

After 10 months and 10 days On “Shukla Maagha Ekaadasi” I gained the birth and my father looking at me His no-child sin was destroyed. When the terrible Kaliyuga will be there my Ghata body will be concealed i.

Achutananda Malika

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Achyutananda was the most prolific writers among the panchasakha. There is no respect for divine truthful thinking, and righteous souls and this Kali yuga has reached great powers. Posted by A P Panda at They will pass their time happily, for they have suffered in the past.

They were the first to take the Hindu Sanskrit texts into the reach of the common people, by translating them into the local language Odia. He Mahapurusha Achyutananda also adds in the secret “Chakadaa Madaana” revealed in the year achyutanand At the approach of Kalki those who talk sarcastic, will feel increasingly insecure. Newer Post Older Post Home.