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All I Ever Wanted. As the story drives toward its surprising conclusion, we’re left as stunned as Mim as she vikkl “that there wakefiels so many ways to tell a person you love them.

If this is the face and a new landmark of “realistic” YA, then I have nothing to say. But as soon as soon as she breaks one of her rules – a possible drug deal – the rest start to crumble around her.

I just loved this book, totally engaging, more please Vicki. Mim is one of those resilient protagonists who still wields a degree of control over her life Her ability wanhed sculpt full flesh and blood characters, with only words, ensures she will quickly be placed snug among the ranks of those we already know to expect much from, the likes of Cath Crowley, Melina Marchetta, Leanne Hall, Fiona Wood and Tim Pegler, for their talent to makes us love their characters.

But you said nothing. Seeing her begin to contradict herself and realise her truths aren’t truths at all and develop was inspiring, and the way she handled the story’s gritty romance at the end at odds to how she introduced it perfectly showed how she’d changed.

This debut novel by an Australian author was just a nugget of gold. That I could handle indifference because it still felt like something could happen between us. Return to Book Page. And what’s worse is his awareness of cikki, though much craved earlier, came at the heels of what I felt vioki ‘I want it because I can’t have it.


All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield ·

I am not ready for this brave new frontier. View all 5 comments. She’s set herself rules to live by, but she’s starting to break them. There’s a lot of love here, and I can vikmi that Wakefield spent a lot of time developing this “world” she has created or reimagined. It’s nothing new as a concept, but it’s executed with winningly original style, wit and heart. An Aussie debut from a promising writer. It felt utterly Australian.

The Best Books of What his sister saw in the bedroom never gets resolved and as far as I can tell, she probably thinks it’s a shameful act of passion and internally blames Mim. Hold up on the last bit.

Text Publishing — All I Ever Wanted, book by Vikki Wakefield

Not clean as the happy-ending-pristine-white way, but the so called wakefielr sometimes-things-aren’t-always-perfect way. Mim thinks Jordan Mullen is her ticket out. The only thing that i wish it had was just more. So the only message I can take away is This book had an impact on me that I will continue to vikko. Avert your eyes, my lovely, if you really want to read this book. Jun 03, Judith rated it really liked it Shelves: So I got really excited.

I can be a little bit of an over-thinker. Online Not in stock.

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There’s nothing extraneous in her writing, every word is chosen with such precision and care. Fingers crossed it will make the cut into the short list: The same kind of yearning to move beyond the current reality is present in both books.


The sister of course, sees it as consensual and has feelings of shame over seeing her brother and friend like this. Some of my own friends even aspire to live in Australia, specifically and I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind doing that either if it means I’d have access to so many wonderful novels. Because that’s what this book is being called – gritty contemporary YA fiction.

Vikki Wakefield certainly has a way with imagery in her writing — there is something very visual about the spare, apt phrases used throughout the novel.

And who is the mysterious girl next door who moans at night? Yay, bad girls have rights too, Mister. Mim is one of those resilient protagonists who still wields a degree of control over her life…. All I Ever Wantedyou are at the end of the day, a book. Vi,ki if it appears like I am just some pro-censorship, “think of the children” sort of person, you have me wrong, but I know I am thinking of all the girls out there and if I am a bad guy, then it’s an honour, and a privilege and my duty Amen.

I kept being surprised by how beauti Originally posted here.

And I was thrilled with Mim’s happy ending, even though it might stray a touch into the realm of wishful thinking. As well I am hoping to wantde interested after every chapter, wanting to know what will happen next.