Brunton transit compasses: instruction manual (15 pages). Compass Brunton ECLIPSE Instruction Manual. Brunton compasses: instruction manual . Manuals and User Guides for Brunton ECLIPSE We have 2 Brunton ECLIPSE manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. The Brunton Eclipse combines all the tools you need for easy navigation. This unit offers three separate clinometer systems and much more. -.

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Brunton 8099 Eclipse Sighting Compass

It is easy to visualize why it will dampen quicker if you compare that to the traditional bbrunton needle, having the magnet at the end of a long stick, far away from center.

The result is that needle function is both fast and smooth. Position compass at eye level and sight through This is a popular method because it is possible to compare the map to the actual terrain. I always feel like the map has moved.

We know where we are and where we want to go.

Even better, the whole bezel illuminates. At first, I thought it bruntpn not as big of an issue as I was making it because the orienteering circle has a line, which is all the way across the capsule, and inside. That is way more than significant in my book. By the lines being on the outside of the capsule, and in a non-clear area, you are forced to use more judgment in the alignment.


We will do that later. The smaller distance lessens the parallax. Second, is that there is a magnification bubble to help you read the bearing.

Third, is multiple bearing scales. Place a “point” at a starting position and an “X” at a destination. Summary of strengths and weaknesses Suunto Strengths: Move it around brubton watch what happens to the needle. The Suunto has an adjustment screw on the back, and a supplied tool on the lanyard.

Their strengths and weaknesses are my opinion and manul on how I use things. So, I put it in the lowest possible position to barely be able to see some of that line. The second cover gives you access to the clear baseplate, meridian lines and scales for working with a map.

Keeping the clear base stationary on the map, 5. Section 8 – Triangulation 9. We are about to find out: Notice the Suunto has the very standard 2 degree increments. Both compasses have it, and both work very well. Because of the angles involved we can not physically see when the needle is directly over top of the doghouse. However, it is nearly identical in form, functions and looks to the Suunto that an additional comparison does not really make sense.

This is also my first nit pick on the Brunton. The bottom line is that I came up with a way to make this work. For the same reason the disc compass is generally fast, the small, center magnet in this needle dampens faster than any other baseplate or sighting compass I have seen.


Magnetic Declination – Brunton ECLIPSE Instruction Manual [Page 7]

Since there are no meridian lines in the capsule, the adjustment is not as obvious, but it works just the same. It is important to note that the mirror has a line that is meant to line up with the forward and rearward index line. Being in the blind before sun up is common, and not leaving until darkness is just as common. Yet, when 809 is too low you can not see the line opposite the capsule to make sure alignment is correct.

We are going to do sighted bearings. There is also a scale on back for the adjustment set to zero in this photo. In this low setting you can achieve and accurate alignment that is correct when viewed from above. Sight object behind the compass figure This eliminates one type of parallax error. The technique is similar on both.


That kind of goes against the most basic of rules; keep your compass level. This position is still too high for alignment to be correct. Viewed from above, you can see that I was wrong. But, we will see what we think of it as we use it more. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.