The Punishment Crusade was initiated by Castellan Draco of the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter and comprised numerous raids on the human. The Draco Aionius is a monster that attacked Camp Half-Blood while Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Clarisse La Rue, Tyson, and Grover Underwood. Castellan Draco – Black Templars hero. limited ed. model (rules id WD). comments are welcome. My Profile Send Me A Message All My.

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Yeah, he’s definately underpriced. No obscenities swearing and cursing allowed. Alternatively, you could choose to ignore the fluff in the new codex that says that they worship rulrs Emperor, as it is wrong and demonstrates a clear Ward-like level of disregard for previous, and better, fluff as it also says that out of all Astartes chapters, only the Black Templars worship the Emperor.

Black Templars

He had some fluff in which he was pretty pro and then I think he became a Marshal and led a crusade against Tau. There are three theories hypothesis in the codex:. Talk about a jack of all trades No matter the laurel of victory, no matter the glories others may seek.

Notice on IP poilicy. Come the 6E Codex however, suddenly all their hatred for every psyker was scaled back to merely just being a hatred to all enemy psykers.

Black Templars, the deployment map totals greater than marines, with several of those crusades routinely exceeding marines. So if you want to take 2 Lords on Dracoth that’s fine, but they’re just as entitled to take Durthu and Orion for example as similar named ‘big’ hero models.


I thought there was more but Consecrators – Sons of Medusa – Steel Confessors. The Old World Background Warhammer: Rules All content must be related to Warhammer: Warhammer 40, Imperial Space Marines Awesome.

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Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. It was released at a small Scandinavian show a few years back and for a while rraco very rare. As regards the cheap point cost, it’s an incentive to buy and use the special character, no?

He’s cool looking, but in the end, the drcao doesn’t give an additional attack in melee, and our standard vow overwrites his mastercrafted sword.

Neophytes are expected to pull bullet sponge duty so the Initiate is not distracted by little things like enemy gunfire and that their spilled blood will allow the Initiates to glide on the ground to their enemy faster as seen here:.

Well, technically he’s not named, there’s probably more than one Lord Castellan among the Stormcast. Rather hilariously, the Black Templars are not even certain why they don’t have Librarians; because the Librarius usually maintains the records of the chapter, the Templars have allowed their understanding of history to fall into decay.

That was until 6th edition when it was more explicitly stated that they had no real compunction against Astropaths and Navigators, since they were the only people who knew how to drive the massive crusading fleets.

There is simply a choice: We are the Black Templars. The first that come to mind are James Swallows series on the Blood Angels. I started to replicate Draco using the rules to build him as a regular HQ. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


Any guess as to the number of marines in the Black Templars is just that, a guess, and a book offers only the author’s point of view, or what he wants you to think, or he himself is a fabrications.

I seem to recall hearing something like the Draco model was available at something like the Swedish gamesday, but few or none other places not available at UK gamesdayand this was a few years ago.

Black Templars – 1d4chan

Emperor pity the heretics who have to face both of these groups of zealous nutters at once. In Blood and Fire, Grimaldus mentions that they typically have dozens of crusades going on at any point in time; other sources tell us that the Black Templars as an entire Chapter actually consist of a total of three “primary” crusade fleets from which all other fighting companies are split from and deployed on their own “secondary” crusades when necessary.

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czstellan I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password. Instead all new Neophytes read: The cost of a powersword more. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

This latest release is therefore the same model, but released worldwide. The rules for Castellan Draco are published on GW’s site http: According to the GW apologists, the major difference between their codex and 6E is their opinion on other psykers: Posted 28 February –