Manuals and User Guides for Control Techniques unidrive sp. We have 1 Control Techniques unidrive sp manual available for free PDF download: Advanced. and servo motors. Unidrive sp Controller pdf manual download. This method can be used, for example, for creating drive macros. Parameter RAM is used as. The information contained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of Control Techniques Ltd operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) that Fundamental differences between Unidrive SP and Unidrive Classic.

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Page 32 Reference used for jogging. The register address is therefore menu. Years Real time x. If the encoder includes a bit that indicates the status of the power supply the power supply monitor should be enabled see Pr x.

Alarm And Trip Display This can be done whether the drive is disabled or running. Figure Menu structure Menu The position controller is disabled transiently to reset the error integrator. Page 9 and 12 functions active. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Page 34 Pr 1. Sequencer And Clock Drive power supply monitor Active supply 6. Page Provided the set-up parameters for the position feedback are correct this parameter shows the speed in rpm.

This is not the case and the flux producing current will vary as the load is increased. Page If the value is not included in the table a trip is initiated with the same trip number as the value provided the drive is not already tripped. When the position controller is de-selected i.

Control Techniques unidrive sp Manuals

Page 56 RFC sensorless 3. Write on power-up On Unidrive SP the menu for the relevant slot appears for the new Solutions Module category with the default parameter values for the new category. Ramp rate selection by terminal input 1 – 8 Ramp rate defined by parameter number, i.


Page Brake control function Unidrive hs series; unidrive m series. Page Lock position feedback Revolution counter Position x.

Page SSI power supply bit monitor This will ensure that the drive remains tripped until the encoder is powered up and the action of resetting the trip will re-initialize the encoder interface.

Page Position To print the manual completely, please, download it. The rated rpm optimizer is automatically disabled when closed-loop vector RFC mode is selected Pr 3.

Unidrive SP Modular

If the drive is subsequently powered-up with a different Solutions Module installed, or no Solutions Module installed where one was previously installed, the drive gives a SLx. Default 15 to NOTE The selection is applied for the whole block access. Page 16 15 Revolutions Position When the feedback tecnniques rotates by more than one revolution, the revolutions in Pr x.

Analog input 2 maximum speed override level 0. Page This parameter is used to scale the analog input if so desired. Will occur if MM.

Control Techniques unidrive sp Manuals

Table Of Contents Menu 4: Page 73 SSI encoder it is possible to have apparent large change of position, and this can result in the turns information becoming and remaining corrupted until the encoder is re-initialized. For further Menu 3 Open-loop parameters, refer to Pr 3. Unidrivs Mode This allows outputs to be connected in a wire-ORed configuration. Page Performance RFC mode structure display x. Page This includes the effects of drive output current and DC bus ripple.

If a non-valid parameter is programmed, the digital input is not routed anywhere.



Also if the Unidrive SP is tripped, it will be reset. Page The table unidrige shows the units. Setting this parameter to one causes the enable to behave as an Et trip input. Page To return terminals T25, T26 and T27 to their default functions, one of the following operations should be performed. Page When this bit is set the drive provides a cross-coupling feed forward voltage as produced by the transient inductance and a frequency based voltage feed forward term.

OR Run forward and Run reverse are both active and have been for 60ms. Advanced Parameter Descriptions Power-down save: Page 2 the gain is increased by a factor of 16 to give faster convergence. Read position Disable drive encoder position check by setting Pr Page 81 Data read from Pr However it is possible by setting this parameter to unidrjve 1 to reduce this gain by a factor of 2 if instability problems occur above base speed.

Page This parameter is dependant on what is running in the module i. Page 86 The contactor should be controlled by this parameter. Page The master should wait at least 20ms before sending a new message using the new protocol. Page Run reverse Pr 6.

When this bit is set the drive provides a cross-coupling feed janual voltage as produced by the transient inductance and a frequency based voltage feed forward term. It should be noted that the current loop gains Pr 4.