Datura inoxia showing typical symptoms of Begomovirus infection (i.e., leaf curling, decreased leaf size and growth stunting) was observed in the fields of. D. inoxia, known as Toloache in Mexico, was one of the plants of the gods among the Aztecs and other Indians. A low-growing, spreading perennial with hairy *Datura inoxia Miller, Gard. Dict. 8th edn, no. 5 (). T: Cultivated from seeds collected in Vera Cruz, Mexico, Chelsea Phys. Gard. no. ; neo: BM, fide A.S. .

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Missouri Botanical Garden Shaw Blvd. Datura leichhardtiiDatura met el, Datura inoxia and Datura wrightii can be differentiated from these two species as their capsules are held on a curved stalk, and they produce brown or yellow seeds.

Downy Thornapple, pricklyburr US. Corolla 12—19 cm datuea, white with green veins; limb undulate, appearing 10—lobed, alternate lobes broadly triangular or ending in a slender point 5—10 mm long. All parts of Datura plants contain dangerous levels of poison and may be fatal if ingested by humans and other animals, including livestock and pets. All members of this genus contain narcotics and are very poisonous, even in small doses[].

An image of a plant datufa D.

However, the datufa is now considered an invasive species in several locations. Each flower will unravel in the evening to reveal a fragrant trumpet-shaped bloom that only lasts until noon the following day. Datura innoxia Scientific classification Kingdom: Some components of an integrated management approach are introduced below.


Purchase plants from nurseries in spring or start seeds indoors about weeks before last spring frost. Brugmansia species may be confused with Datura species. Facts About Downy thorn-apple is introduced in North Dautra. Datura innoxialike other Datura species, contains the highly toxic alkaloids atropinehyoscine scopolamineand hyoscyamine.

Scientific name

Set plants out after last frost date. Onoxia Datura meteloides, auct. Datura innoxiaoften spelled inoxiasometimes called by the common names pricklyburr[1] recurved thorn-apple[2] downy thorn-appleIndian-applelovachemoonflowernacazcultoloatzintolguache or toloache is a species in the family Solanaceae. Downy thorn-apple is introduced in North America.

Capsules produce brown seeds, mm long. When using any herbicide always read the label first and follow all instructions and safety requirements. It has also been planted throughout the world as an ornamental plant for its attractive large leaves, large white flowers, and distinctive thorny fruit.

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It is known by its allucinogenic poison and the fact that it can be passed on to the honey and comb of local wasps. Habitats Sandy or gravelly dry open places below metres in California[71].

The currently-accepted botanical name for this plant is Datura innoxiain spite of the fact that inoxai references spell it Datura inoxia. This QR Code is unique to this page.


Datura inoxia Downy Thorn Apple, Pricklyburr PFAF Plant Database

The spiny capsule is also dispersed on the fur of animals. This species is a commercial source of the alkaloid scopolamine, used in the pharmaceutical industry[].

It is widely naturalized in the tropics and increasingly in temperate Europe and North America. Only comments or links that are felt to be directly relevant to a plant will be included.

Planted throughout the world as an ornamental plant for its attractive large leaves, large white flowers, and distinctive thorny fruit. In traditional cultures, users needed to have a great deal of experience and detailed plant knowledge so that no harm resulted from using it.

Datura ferox and Datura stramonium common thornapple produce erect capsules on straight stalks which contain black or grey seeds. For more information about QR Codes click here.

Take a photo and post a sighting. Exact status definitions can vary from state to state.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Datura inoxia. Anthropogenic man-made or disturbed habitatsshores of rivers or lakes. Sign inoxxia for our e-newsletter. Catalogue of Life website.

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