The main source of information is the DejaGnu user guide by Rob Savoye [3]. The most useful section is the Unit Testing API, which lists all the procedures. Follow these instructions as closely a possible in order get a good insight into how DejaGnu works, else you might run into a lot of subtle problems. You have. DejaGnu uses the GNU autoconf to configure itself. For more info on using autoconf, read the GNU autoconf manual. To configure, execute the configure.

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Matches if more than timeout seconds have passed since the spawned process started execution.

In general it is used to set variables specific to the tool or tools being tested. DejaGnu supports the use of all five output messages; in this sense a test suite that uses exactly these messages mannual be considered POSIX conforming.

The actual names of the directories containing tests must be prefixed by the name of the tool, and by convention end with the suffix.

DejaGnu can be used standalone, but it is most useful when integrated with the GNU autotools autoconf automake and libtool. Although these configuration files are all optional, runtest may complain if it can’t find them.

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DejaGnu Testing Framework – What is DejaGnu?

An assertion is a description of behavior. A directory containing tool specific configuration files lib is also found in this directory. Display all test results if set default is only to display failures. The degree of verbosity required.

The next call to one of the result procedures will behave as though unresolved had been called. Any software or copyright-licenses denagnu other manuzl notices described in this text has its own copyright notice and license, which can usually be found in the distribution or license text itself. Patterns for use with the expect command.

Triggered by calling the xpass procedure. It is this directory from which runtest will be executed.

runtest(1) – Linux man page

It will be placed in the main test suite directory, but within the build directory hierarchy, not the source directory hierarchy. Note There is the potential for confusion here, since expect is both the name of the language and a command within that language.

This application note is deliberately incomplete. DejaGnu has some basic expectations of where it will find files, although this can be overridden with command line options to runtest. Using DejaGnu standalone 5. These patterns follow the syntax defined by the TCL regexp command. Where there are multiple configuration files, it is manial the top level one which is changed. It is the name of the group of tests being carried out.


This is a GNU package: This might be the name of a tool for example or1ksimbut it might equally be an indicator of a type of test for example unit. Special copyright terms apply to that Appendix; see section Tcl Overview. Though brief, this example is a complete test.

See the Legal Notice for details. From Deajgnu Software Directory. For example, if a standard says “The sun shall shine”, a corresponding assertion might be “The sun is shining. Computing results Final result is 42 Test complete.

Probably the greatest challenge was testing in a cross-development environment which can be a real nightmare. A typical test framework directory structure.

It is within this directory that the local configuration file, site. DejaGnu dejafnu not installed by default on most Linux systems. This application note was written in response to the author’s frustration at setting up a DejaGnu test framework for the first time, using the existing documentation [3]. DejaGnu is a testing framework, originally developed for the GNU project.

The most useful are:. In some older systems, this file may be named configure.