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In science and technology this matter has hitherto hardly been observed. The Society plans to expand this international cooperative program. Since such a team can make a significant contribution to research being carried out in a given field it is in good bargaining position for exchanging such information, either informally through the “invisible college” or through more formal channels, where proprietary or priveleged information is concerned with other sources of information.

This difficulty has been brought to the notice of INIS authorities. Most researchers are very ignorant of current bibliographi- cal and documentation processes. The problem of efficient retrieval of the first kind, from large bodies of data, has been solved using computer aids. We are well aware that participation in the inter- national network must work in both directions and steps have already been taken to share some of our experience with others.

The others are reproduced as submitted, with corrections inserted only at the request of their authors. The International Center also is attempting to collect materials from non-member countries. The planning committee then had to tackle the formidable task of evaluating the im- portance of each of the 22 sectors in relation to each other and determine high and low financial planning frames for each sector.

Vol I Critical Review: As happens in so many similar cases a compromise had to be made. When s, peaking about sociology we have experienced that many people expect or demand information but not so many ask for it.

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Obvious examples are the status of Denmark, a small country, in theoretical physics, and of Isrenl in a number of fields. A Science Policy for Canada. I wish you all a fruitful exchange of ideas and a successful Conference. Standardization of data storage and of access languages should cut across barriers between disciplines.


Reconciliation of the demands of rampant technology and the deep-seated distrust engendered by the perversions of nature which have arisen from undisciplined economic growth in the past, call for a fuller understanding of the whole information process The principal objectives and activities to which governments, in cooperation with professional organizations, could commit them- selves through their endorsement of UNISISv are: One interesting experience was gained during this stage: This work should be shared among vari- ous documentation centres, each centre being responsible for the exhaustive.

Modern communications technology can enable men to swap ideas without requiring they be at the same location. It can then be recovered if the terms chosen include those by which retrieval will later be sought. Volume one includes papers delivered under the following broad topic categories: These recommendations call also for improvement in the quality of scientific journals and the involvement of international and national aoientific societies in the world-wide information transfer.


For short-run purposes, and selective dissemination of current information, traditional mission-oriented indexing, controlled by thesauri is very effective. This treats the national or ethnic identification of the people dealt with, the material type of the document, language of the title, country of publication and has spaces for a topical dllv, a geographical code, a temporal code and so forth.

Finally, the principle of world-wide xlv, if properly understood, implies that present inequalities in the distribution of information resources over the earth may be reduced which would bring special benefits to developing countries. The pace of growth of this information, which is embodied in papers published in journals and presented at conferences, symposia etc,books, reports, theses, patents, specifications etc, has been such that it has become nigh impossible to cope up with it.

Proceedings Tel Aviv, 29 August-3 September, They may however indicate that a shift in emphasis is required in the use of human resources that have accumulated in recent decades.


To the scientists In our organi- zation it has been a new experience to realize that the Informal part of the total Information system Is about as Important as the formal one. Organization of knowledge to allow flexibility in use The accessibility of information meldbeogen in masses of data is very dependent on the methods used in indexing it.

Wie behalte ich ausreichend Reserven? The latter method is the only possible one in the case of consultants, who are essentially an elite class of information analysts.

Aa one of the reeearch activitiea, the DRTC haa developed non- conventional methods in documeut finding, with emphaeia on incorporating faceted scheme of classification auch aa the Colon Scheme of Claaaification of aubjecta. Further Ideas about the conversion of Infor- mal to formal information are presented In 5. Formal information can be stored and more or less easily retrieved. The Five Phases of the Study The long term planning study has been divided into 5 different phases for each of the sectors to be analyzed.

The Origin of Informal Information and Its Conversion to Formal Information A common reason to establish Informal Information Is that the formal channels do not correspond to the actual demands of the scientists. I hope that no one will conclude from my remarks that the scientific, technical or Industrial Information can be neglected in favor of the study of their social reper- cussions; rather, only In the Interplay of all factors will s network of Information embracing all fields have tha greatest effect.

Ser- vices in developing countries have little to offer and much to ask for, another factor retarding their growth.