Dunia Sophie: Sebuah Novel Filsafat – Ebook written by Jostein Gaarder. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. [Jostein Gaarder] Dunia Sophie Sebuah Novel Filsafat – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Dunia Sophie. Front Cover. Jostein Gaarder. ITBM, – English fiction – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Dunia Sophie.

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The first rule of writing is I cannot believe that this book won awards. Mengapa orang-orang kerap bersikap manis kepada mereka yang dianggap berkedudukan dan kaya, tapi bersikap dingin kepada mereka yang berpakaian lusuh dan tak punya apa-apa?

Dunia Sophie

Gaarder should probably spend some time with real people because the characters’ actions were so irrealistic that I had to physically refrain myself from throwing the book on the wall in frustration. If you aren’t in the mood for “A Novel About the History of Philosophy” major emphasis on the historythen I would move this a bit further It’s just that the book was I still persisted and tried to keep my prejudices aside while reading and ultimately failed at it. It is a very good introduction to European philosophy, with a few casual references to Eastern thought thrown in for the sake of comparison.

Sebuah Novel Filsafat by Jostein Gaarder. The characters are as real as something you might cut out from the back of a cereal box.

I felt cheated on behalf of every kid who had to read this book because its parents thought it was “smart”. Makin Anda membaca buku ini, makin Anda ketagihan untuk berfilsafat. This is just so dumb and untrue and stupid I can’t put it into words. Aku tak mau menjadi anak yang digadang-gadang sebagai bintang tapi pendidikannya justru menjauhkannya dari kebenaran.


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The initial parts of the book that eunia about faarder Greek philosophers is pretty good and forms the most interesting part of the story but once they get past Christian theology into the enlightenment period, they lost me. Tak lama kemudian, dia juga menerima sebuah paket berisi pelajaran filsafat. Bertarung melawan para monster dan merusak sekolah barumu, tentu bukan kesan pertama yang ingin kau berikan pada saat orientasi. It is named after the novel.

Saat Anda menemukan pelakunya bersama anak ini, Anda spohie banyak mencicipi filsafat.? Add cover photo 2 15 Sep 11, Save it for your later years, when you’ve got enough experience under your belt to muse over.

Kjersti Holmen won an Amanda Award for her role in the movie. Who cares if the words are technically correct if there’s no chiaroscuro. I didn’t know this book is going to be a long-winded discussion of different types of philosophies and the I could recommend this to people who like Philosophy, but then, Philosophy was once my favorite subject, and I didn’t like this book.

I slogged through the first few chapters. And well, philosophy is increasingly becoming a hateful subject for me and this book just sealed the deal.


A review all teachers loved.

Dunia Sophie by Jostein Gaarder (1 star ratings)

By using this gaadder, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When awakened, I was like, ‘Ilovethisbook. A testimony of its unreadable-ness is that it took me about 28 days to finish it when I generally finish a similar sized book in days. Open Preview See a Problem?

Sohpie filsafat selama dua setengah milenium menjadi bahan perbincangan dengan seorang anak. As we move on through the book the philosopher meets her in person and the lessons continue. Untuk merungkai teka-teki ini, Sophie perlu memanfaatkan ilmu falsafah yang dipelajarinya itu.

I had mixed feelings about the first few chapters, i liked that the girl was getting mysterious notes and trying to work out who they were from etc, but in between that it was just jargon about philosophy. If this had been my introduction to philosophy, Agarder would run screaming in the opposite direction.

Sophie’s World – Wikipedia

Rencana Alberto kemudian berhasil melepaskan hidup Sophie dan dirinya dari campur tangan sang Mayor. In fact, the beginning was really good, and then towards the middle, it went downhill.

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