La distribución de ambas especies se determinó mediante observaciones da CHESF de que saguis (Callithrix jacchus) e macacos-prego (Sapajus sp.). Tendências de Extremos de Temperatura e Precipitação nas Proximidades do Lago Artificial . Francisco Hydroelectric Company (CHESF), between. and Research Project / (Edital CAPES. Pró-Alertas. The next Forum will be held in March in (%), CHESF (%), Eletrosul (%) and Camargo Correa (%). ‐content/uploads/Edital-‐‐TOR-‐Gestao-‐

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The sperm was checked for motility and was purified in the first case: This book provides an authoritative and comprehensive synthesis of current research on the evolution and physiological control of sexual behaviour in the primates – prosimians, monkeys, apes, and human beings.

Studies of the ecology of closely related sympatric species represent a challenge, since these relationships are not commonly found in all habitats and their ecological relationships are not always evident. Neotropical Cheesf 20 1Editsl Fedigan, L. Alarm calls of marmosets Callithrix geoffroyi to snakes and perched raptors.

Digestive efficiency mediated by serum calcium predicts bone mineral density in the common marmoset Callithrix jacchus. Another one is the range of hypotheses that are deployed in this book to explain the current diversity and patterns of Neotropical mammal distribution.

On the day of artificial insemination, we collected semen by vibratory stimulation of the penis as described previously Kuederling et al. Population characteristics of howlers: Provincia de Formosa, Argentina, E-mail: Human Bertiella studeri Family Anoplocephalidae infection of probable Southeast Asian origin in Mauritian children and an adult.


Immature structures from parasites belonging to the Strongylida and Spirurida 2021 and the Strongyloides and Bertiella genera were detected through coproparasitology. Alouatta seniculus using this community are easily seen because of the very low vegetation, in contrast to other eital types.

Our observations become even more interesting as they extend the recorded altitudinal range of the species.

ra The bushmeat harvest alters seedling banks by favoring lianas, large seeds, and seeds dispersed by bats, birds, and wind. Primary forests were often disturbed due to logging so that species with low economic value predominated, even though three strata of trees existed. These titi monkeys were observed ad libitum Altmann, feeding on fruit of Oenocarpus distichus and Orbignya phalerata Arecaceae and fruit and young leaves of Inga sp.

Paulo Jorge Leitao Adeodato – Rede Nacional de Ciência para a Educação (Rede CpE)

The population is separated from the known population in the east by more than kilometres and by the wide and fast flowing Chest River. Mating tactics and socioecology of white-bellied spider monkeys Ateles belzebuth chamek.

Although AI has been used in domestic animals for many years, attempts to transfer this technique to primates have met with limited success reviewed in Wolf, A female marmoset Jenny, born by AI, has been a subject of embryo collection study, and offers normal embryos repeatedly results will be described elsewhere.


GIS analysis of patch use and group cohesiveness of bearded sakis Chiropotes sagulatus in the upper Essequibo conservation concession, Guyana.

Ecology, evolution, and behavior. Vertebrate transect data was modeled by functional group using the program Distance v.

Edital 147 – UFRR

Oxford University Press, New York. Some parasites of the howler monkey of Northern Argentina. A consequence of phyletic dwarfism? Hunting pressure on A. The howling monkeys, genus Alouatta.

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The sites were selected to minimize potentially confounding natural variation and allow for the isolation of specific effects of hunting pressure from other forms of anthropogenic disturbance such as logging and agriculture. Many large game vertebrates are inherently vulnerable to major population declines, given their low reproductive capacity.

Fruit feeding was next observed on the third day of monitoring, January 4th. Human use surrounding field sites is evident in extensive landuse change RA and remnant mining pools LA. Dominance style of female white-faced capuchins. Therefore we recommend using the Hershkovitz measurements.

Her research was funded by an education grant to C. In ediital areas, the connection between the montane forests and the lowland forests has been disrupted.