12 Results Visit ‘s Flavius Vegetius Renatus Page and shop for all Flavius Vegetius Renatus books. Books by Flavius Vegetius Renatus. Showing. Vegetius. The most influential treatise on military strategy between the age of the era was written by the Roman citizen Flavius Vegetius Renatus in (approx.). Flavius Vegetius Renatus. A number of maxims have their origin in Vegetius, the most familiar of which is “He who desires peace, should prepare for war” (III.

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As the divisions of the infantry are called centuries, so those of the cavalry are called troops.

Renats the security of an expedition depends on the concealment of all motions from the enemy. They had wooden horses flaviuus that purpose placed in winter under cover and in summer in the field. The Praefect of the camp, though inferior in rank to the former, had a post of no small importance. The result is a sort of perfume of actuality, which had much to do with his success. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of The Lacedaemonians made war their chief study.

Epitoma rei militaris also referred to as De re militariand the lesser-known Digesta Artis Mulomedicinaea guide to veterinary medicine. The ancients made it their chief care to have every thing for the service of the army within the camp.

Recruits are to be instructed in the manner of entrenching camps, there being no part of discipline so necessary and useful as this.

A strategy of invasion against vsgetius traditional defending army and that of an occupation in the midst of insurgency are two different things. But this valuable art is now entirely lost, for it is long since any of our camps have been flvius either with trenches or palisades.

Vegetius explains how one should fortify and organize a camp, how to train troops, how to handle undisciplined troops, how to handle a battle engagement, how to march, formation gauge and many other useful methods of promoting organization and valour in the legion. No man of either profession ever distinguished himself in the circus or field of battle, who was not perfect in this kind of exercise.

To pretend to enumerate the different nations so formidable of old, all which now are subject to the Romans, would be tedious. The essay briefly introduces the Theory of Realism for the uninitiated, then moves to a quick precis of the main events as they unfolded, and then conducts a detailed examination of the actions and motivations of Putin’s Russia in the crisis. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus.


Indeed, the number of surviving manuscripts rival the Natural History of Pliny. A third or fourth of the youngest and fittest soldiers should also be exercised at the post with bows and arrows made for that purpose only. The first thing the soldiers are to be taught is the military step, which can only be acquired by constant practice of marching quick and together. A parapet is then raised on the side next the camp, of the height of four feet, with hurdles and fascines properly covered and secured by the earth taken out of the ditch.

At last, after the defeat of many consuls and the loss of many officers and armies, they were convinced that the revival of discipline was the only road to victory and thereby recovered their superiority. In his Memoirs, Montecuculli, the conqueror of the Turks at St.

Its bulk makes it slow and unwieldy in its motions; and as it is obliged to march in columns of great length, it is exposed to the risk of being continually harassed and insulted by inconsiderable parties of the enemy.

A handful of men, inured to war, proceed to certain victory, while on the contrary numerous armies of raw and undisciplined troops are but multitudes of men dragged to slaughter. It was there that a second war commenced in the form of insurgency. Hannibal, also, before he set out on his expedition into Italy, chose a Lacedaemonian for his counsellor in military operations; and by his advice, though inferior to the Romans both in number and strength, overthrew so many consuls and such mighty legions.

By these precautions and dispositions the legion was victorious without danger, or if foavius contrary happened, was preserved without any considerable loss, for as it is not calculated for pursuit, it is likewise not easily thrown into disorder. In short, a soldier who has proper confidence in his own skill and strength, entertains no thought of mutiny. Those designs are best which the enemy are entirely ignorant of till the moment of execution.

This is a very important point in the discipline of young soldiers, who when properly trained to vegerius will be able in an emergency to fortify their camp with skill and expedition. For though after the example of the Goths, the Alans and the Huns, we have made some improvements in renatys arms of the cavalry, yet it is plain the infantry are entirely defenseless.

He had the charge of providing carriages, bathorses and the proper tools for sawing and cutting wood, digging trenches, raising parapets, sinking wells and bringing water into the camp.


The ancients, taught by experience, preferred discipline to numbers. The infantry are divided into two corps, the legions and auxiliaries, the latter of which are furnished by allies or confederates. Tactics, in warfare, the art and science of fighting battles on land, on sea, and in the air.

The inhabitants of the province must likewise be obliged to retire with their effects into some fortified place before the irruption of the enemy.

Thus the centurion of the primiple, after having commanded in the different ranks of every cohort, attains that great dignity in the first with infinite advantages from the whole legion.

A general should be attentive to discover the turbulent and seditious soldiers in the army, legions or auxiliaries, cavalry or infantry.

He gave out the parole and order for the march and for the guards. As the enumeration of all the particulars of this sort would be too tedious, I shall only observe that the legion should carry with it wherever it moves, whatever is necessary for every kind of service so that the encampments may have all the strength and conveniences of a fortified city.

On a shield emblem from the Notitia dignitatum. English Choose a language for shopping. This post was always conferred on an officer of great skill, experience and long service, and who consequently was capable of instructing others in those branches of the profession in which he had distinguished himself.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus – Wikipedia

Rommel and staff inspecting defenses on preparation for the inevitable D-Day invasion. The rrenatus ensign of the whole legion is the eagle and is carried by the eagle-bearer. And in this I was not a little encouraged by the late instance of Your Majesty’s indulgence.

When provisions once begin to fail, parsimony is ill-timed and comes too late.

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But if the height of the mutiny rlavius violent remedies, it will be most advisable, after the vdgetius of the ancients, to punish the ring-leaders only in order that, though few suffer, all may be terrified by the example. Other sage advice includes the following:. The expense of keeping up good or bad troops is the same; but it depends wholly on You, most August Emperor, to recover the excellent discipline of the ancients and to correct the abuses of later times.