The International Convention on Load Lines (CLL), was signed in London on 5 April , amended by the Protocol and further revised in LL69 Interpretation to ICLL Reg. Rev.1 July LL70 Corrosion Margin for Hatch Cover Design. Jan LL71 Similar Stage of. Rev.1 Nov LL Position of freeboard deck on float on/float off barge carriers. (Regulation 3(9)). Rev.1 July LL Interpretation to ICLL Reg.

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International Convention on Load Lines 1966 (ICLL 1966)

Where, however, the vertical distance from the summer Load waterline to the inboard end of the discharge pipe exceeds 0. Permanente link Article 11 Zones and Areas Ingangsdatum: The other courses shall be not more than millimetres 15 inches apart. Where it is obtained by fitting a superstructure, such superstructure shall extend from the stem to a point at least 0. Permanente link Article 31 Suspension Ingangsdatum: No reports or recommendations of the Organization based upon such information shall disclose the identity or nationality of the ships concerned or in any manner fix or imply responsibility upon any ship or person.

The forward and after perpendiculars shall be taken at the forward and after ends of the length L.

If the language used is neither English nor French, the text shall include a translation into one of these languages. Some content on this site is available in all official languages.

Fiddley openings shall be fitted with strong covers of steel or other equivalent material permanently attached in their proper positions and capable of being secured weathertight. Article 06 Exemptions Ingangsdatum: Skip to main content. The majority is presented in the working languages. A raised quarter iclll is regarded 196 a superstructure.

Article 19 Duration of Certificates 1 An International Load Line Certificate shall be issued for a period specified by the Administration, which shall not exceed five years from the date of issue.

This determination shall be subject to the prior acceptance 19966 two-thirds of the Contracting Governments to the present Convention.

The 196 deck shall not be less than standard height above this curve at any point. Permanente link Permanente link Article 19 Duration of Certificates 1 An International Load Line Certificate shall be issued for a period specified by the Administration, which shall not exceed five years from the date of issue.


Permanente link Permanente link Reg. Permanente link Article 16 Issue of Certificates 1 An International Load Line Certificate shall be issued to every ship which has been surveyed and marked in accordance with the present Convention.

Place of issue of certificate. Article 31 Suspension Ingangsdatum: Retrieved from ” https: Any such opening in an exposed superstructure deck or in the top of a deckhouse on the freeboard deck which gives access to a space below the freeboard deck or a space within an enclosed superstructure shall be protected by an efficient deckhouse or companionway. Deduction for excess sheer 15 In ships where an enclosed superstructure covers 0.

Steering arrangements 12 Steering arrangements shall be effectively protected from damage by cargo and, as far as practicable, shall be accessible. Weathertight means that in any sea conditions water will not penetrate into the ship. Percentages at intermediate lengths of superstructures shall be obtained by linear interpolation. There are corrections for block coefficient, depth, superstructure, trunks and sheer. Breadth of hatchway of trunk in relation to the breadth of ship. When a ship departs from a port situated on a river or inland waters, deeper loading shall be permitted corresponding to the weight of fuel and all other materials required for consumption between the point of departure and the sea.

The length L shall be taken as 96 per cent of the total length on a waterline at 85 per cent of the least moulded depth measured from the top of the keel, or as the length from the foreside of the stem to the axis of the rudder stock on that waterline, if that be greater.

International Convention on Load Lines – Wikipedia

The provisions of Regulation 15 5 are applicable for ships of not more than metres feet in length. ICLL and ill Protocol of are a comprehensive set of regulations to determine the minimum allowable freeboard and defines conditions of load line assignment. They shall also be permanently marked on the sides of iclp ships to the satisfaction of the Administration.

The survey shall be such as to ensure that the arrangements, materials and scantlings fully comply with the requirements of the present Convention.

The location icl, the reference point and the identification of iclo freeboard deck shall in all cases be indicated on the International Load Line Certificate These limits are given in the form of freeboards, which constitute, besides external weathertight and watertight integrity, the main objective of the Convention.


In the case of ships with rounded gunwales the guard rail supports shall be placed on the flat of the deck. Official translations in the Russian and Spanish languages shall be prepared and deposited with the signed original. In the Load Lines convention, adopted by IMO, provisions are made for determining the freeboard of ships by subdivision and damage stability calculations.

Affiliated Bodies and Programmes.

International Convention on Load Lines

Permanente link Article 12 Submersion 1 Except as provided in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Article, the appropriate Load lines on the sides of the ship corresponding to the season of the year and the zone or area in which the ship may be shall not be submerged at any time when the ship puts to sea, during the voyage or on arrival.

For ships having in position 1 hatchways with covers which do not comply with the requirements of Regulations 15 716 or 26, the freeboard shall be not less than millimetres 6 inches. If the bulwark is more than 3. The marks shall be plainly visible and, if necessary, special arrangements shall be made for this purpose.

International Convention on Load Lines (ICLL )

Where coamings are provided they shall be of substantial construction. In all cases values at intermediate lengths shall be obtained by interpolation. The distance from an end bulkhead of a superstructure to the first eye plate shall be not more than 2 metres 6.

Permanente link Permanente link Article 06 Exemptions Ingangsdatum: Permanente link Article 21 Control 1 Ships holding a certificate issued under Article 16 or Article 17 are subject, when in the ports of other Contracting Governments, to control by officers duly authorized by such Governments.

Addition for deficiency in sheer 14 Where the sheer is less than the standard, the correction for deficiency in sheer see paragraph 13 of this Regulation shall be added to the freeboard. Various amendments were adopted in,and but they required positive acceptance by two-thirds of Parties and never came into force.

Article 20 Acceptance of Certificates Ingangsdatum: