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She rides on Iravatha the elephant, She holds the Vajrayudha in her hand. Forums New posts Search forums.

Indrakshi Sthothram – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

She gives boons in plenty, She is the consort of him who burnt to ashes the three cities, She has three heads, And she has blood colured eyes. It was Sage Purandara who popularized it among human beings. Do lndrakshi really need to celebrate and wish for a kavachqm year on Jan 1 ????

The kernel of the chant is Lakshmi,the strength behing the Manthra is Bhuvaneswari and its axis is Bhavani. Pleased by the chating of these hundred divine names, She will bestow long life, health, wealth and avoid untimely death. The presiding deity for the sthothra is Indrakshi Durga. Then lord Narayana taught him the Indrakshi sthothra. We will win in all wars by the help, Of sixteen different powers, We would get rid of fear of dead, ghosts and devils, We would get rid of fear of snakes, We would not be harmed by evil chants, And all this are definite, Because of worshipping her kavadham.

What is kavachaj procedure for reciting Indrakshi Stotram? Hey, holy Iyndri devifor ever please give me peace.

Procedure for Reciting Indrakshi stotram?

Repetition of this chant is greatly beneficial, And increase your life span, It would cure all diseases, And avoid untimely death. She is the consort of him who wears a heavy crown, She is a terror to those who do evil, She has eight hands, She eats the bad in humns, She who is followed by bees, She who is Kamakshi in Kanchi, And she who wears tingling gem anklets.

I slute Indrakshi by the thumb, Mahalakshmi by the ring finger, Maheswari by the central finger, Ambujakshi by the pointing finger and Kathyayini by the little finger and Koumari by the inside and outside of my palm.

Indrakshi Stotra comprises the sacred names of Goddess Kavachzm. She who can turn everything in to ash, She who has blood red eyes, Please take away this fever from me. What is one supposed to do with it?

I normally simply recite the shloka and I understand from your reply that I can continue to do so.

Procedure for Reciting Indrakshi stotram? | Tamil Brahmins Community

Yajur Veda Thrikala Sandhyavandanam in tamil pdf Latest: Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Destroy destroy, Kill kill, Exterminate exterminate, burn burn, eat away eat away, beat beat, attract attract, hate hate, control control, enchant enchant drive kavaxham drive away, the annual fevers, fevers caused by evil spirits, all fevers and fevers affecting all parts of the body.


She has immense belly, She lets her hair down, Kavachsm has a terrible form, She is very strong, She cannot be defeated, She has a pleasant appearance, She cures all diseases, And she is the darling of Shiva. Thank you again, Gita P. The presiding deity for the sthothra is Indrakshi Durga. I salute that Indrakshi, Who is a young girl, Who wears various ornaments, Who has a smiling face, And who is served by various Ganas.

New member Jan 19, She has a very angry face, She is the pitch dark night, She is immersed in penance, She roars like the clouds, Kavachamm has thousand eyes, She controls her feelings And she wears her hair as tuft. Let me be protected by the three worlds of Bhoo, earth and Suvar. Indraksi is meant by keeping Vibhuti in a plate? Gitakava New member Jan 18, Procedure for Reciting Indrakshi stotram? Hundred repetitiions will free you from curse of deviAnd thousand repetitions will fulfill all your wishes.

He told Narada that by reciting this Sthothra, one can lead a disease free happy life. Oh, Bhagawathi, greatest Kagacham, She who grants all wishes, She who gives all occult powers, She who steals the mind of the world, Personification of time, Darkest night, Lady with fearful looks, She who killed the Asura called MadhuShe who is the form of Maha Vishnuplease destroy all the pains that occur in head, joints, all organs, partially in body, eyes, ears, part of the body and leucoderma, please destroy destroy, kill kill.

Lord Indra worshipped the goddess oavacham these divine names. Oh Goddess Indrakshi, Mahalakshmi, enchantress of the universe, Darkest night, the female asapect of lion-man, She who kills all enemies, raging fire, She who saves all, she who cannot be defeated, She who can help one win over sins, She who rides kavscham lion, She sho killed the buffalo rakshasa, Inrakshi kill, Beat beat, destroy destroy, Extermiate exterminate, burn burn, and kill kill all the ills caused by the great planets.

Sage Narada during one of his visits to Vaikunta kvacham Lord Narayana for the reason why whiles Devas and Asuras are healthy by nature, human beings suffer these numerous diseases. Indrakshi Stotram Thank you PJ sir.

Indrakshi Sthothram

I salute that Indrakshi, Who has thousand eyes, Who has a strong skin, Who is golden in indrakzhi, Who has long open and black hair, Who walks with the soft sound made by her anklets, Who has pair of busts like the pot held by the king of snakes.


Hey the power behind Shiva, Who makes all good things happen, Who grants all boons, I bow before you, She who is the creator, organizer and destroyer, My salutations to you Narayani. Log in Request account.

I salute thee, Who is for ever happy, Who cannot be separated from anything, And who is without any blemish, And call you Kathyayani Mahadevi, Chandra kanda and Mahathapa.

For this purpose Vibhut is kept in plate Indrakshi sthothra Please consult your home sasthrigal regarding the procedure for reciting Indrakshi sthothra Indrakshi sthothra was made known to the world by Purandara Rishihas been written in Anushtup meter.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Gitakava New member Jan 21, She who is peaceful, She who is the form of Lord ShivaShe who is the strength behind Shiva, She who is the winner over death, She who is the great enchantress, And she who cures all diseases.

This will cure tuberculosis, epilepsy, leparosy and high fever, This will also avoid fear of thieves and tigers, This also will cure cold fever. She is the flame of the fire. The two armed Indrakshi wears yellow cloths, And has Vajra in her right hand and her eft hand shows protection. Goddess of the three worlds, She who ca attract all people, She who can paralayse all evil planets, She who can take any shape she wants, She who is the personification of time, She who has a terrible form, She who can destroy spells and chants of others, She who can destroy weapons sent by others, She who can keep under control the bad things caused by others, She who can cut off the hands of the enemy, She who eats away the flesh of enemies, She who can cure all evil fevers, She who can repel the attack of devils, corpses, evil spirits, brahma rakshasas, yakshas and servants of god of death, She who can paralyze evil spirits like sakini, dakini and kamini, She who can cure diseases od abdomen, head and eyes, she who can cure tuberculosis, epilepsy, leprosy, Please destroy all my diseases.