The Ipperwash Inquiry. This is an archive of the Ipperwash Inquiry website, which was last updated in June and will not be updated further. If you have. The Ipperwash Inquiry was established by the Government of Ontario on November 12, , under the Public Inquiries Act. Its mandate was to inquire and. Report of the Ipperwash Inquiry. ‘The Honourable Sidney B. Linden, Commissioner’–Cover. Includes bibliographical references and index. Subject(s): Ojibwa.

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It is available on this web page. For other uses, see Ipperwash disambiguation. It was transmitted to Attorney General Michael Bryant shortly before the public release.

The Ipperwash Inquiry Report

The evidentiary hearings that dealt with the events surrounding the death of Dudley George and the Policy and Research part that dealt with the issues directed to the avoidance of violence in similar circumstances. George was taken down and surrounded by police and arrested. If you have difficulty accessing any material, please contact the ministry.

Former Premier Mike Harris appeared before the inquiry on February 14, Ipperwasj George family repeatedly called on the Ontario and federal governments to launch an inquiry inquirry the events at Ipperwash.

Ontario Government Documents

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Globe and Mail. The Natives rejected the offer. Retrieved 3 February As ofarchaeological surveys have established that such a site does lpperwash exist. According to police officers, there was gunfire from these vehicles, but First Nations protesters have insisted they had no weapons in the park that night.


He was to testify at the Ipperwash inquiry in a few weeks. On Wednesday, the OPP became concerned about a group of protesters who had wandered outside the Park and into the Sandy Park lot area adjacent to the cottages.

One protester, Cecil Bernard George, approached the police peacefully according to the protesters, violently according to police reports. There was also misinformation about damage that had been ippfrwash to a Band Councillor’s car by this group of protesters.

Other testimony has further put the Harris government in a bad light. As early aswhile Camp Ipperwash was still being used as a ipperwasj training centre for the Royal Canadian Army Cadetsa few natives had occupied portions of the camp and the adjacent piece of land. There was growing tension about the base at Camp Ipperwash. On Labour Day Monday, September 4,a group of natives started a protest in Ipperwash Provincial Park to draw attention to the decades-old land claims.

Lindenpursuant to his powers as commissioner established under the Ontario Public Inquiries Act. The number of protesters has been debated, although police reports indicate a inqquiry of up to 8. Several members of the Stoney Point Ojibway band occupied the park to assert their claim to nearby land which had been expropriated from them during World War II.

The First Nations claim that the grounds contain a burial site.

The Ipperwash Inquiry – Home Page

About thirty-five protestors occupied the park. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indigenous conflicts in Canada Ontario political scandals Protest-related deaths in Canada in Ontario Indigenous peoples in Ontario in Ontario Canadian ipperaash and inquiries Conflicts in They also promised to return the land after the war ended. This section needs additional citations for verification.


The Ipperwash Inquiry – Final Report – Volume 1

The Inquiry was also mandated to make recommendations that would avoid violence in similar circumstances in the future. The ensuing controversy was a major event in Canadian politics. Deane was near the park entrance and fired three shots at Dudley George, who was about fifteen feet from the park entrance, [9] and was hit and badly injured.

Protesters attempted to rescue George ilperwash the arrest by the police units. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The hearings began in Forest in July and ended in August The settlement was finalized on April 14, Marcel Beaubien was in contact with the ippedwash the following day, [4] and Beaubien also contacted the office of the PremierMike Harris [5] in an attempt to put pressure on the government to intervene. During the inquiry, a minute tape recording surfaced that cast new light on the events at Ipperwash.