Here you can find contact information to Leine & Linde’s distributors all over the. Model , , and , are only found in the general product brochures. For specific encoder variants, such as , you will find data sheets for .

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ERM encoders are characterized by compact dimensions and large inside diameters of up to mm. Basic technical knowledge about encoders is necessary in order to obtain optimal performance in operation. The ADS-Online diagnostic system detects faults in encoders before they occur with continuous monitoring of key functions.

Connectors for encoders, with or without assembled cable. CHI – Robust incremental encoder in compact design.

Absolute rotary encoders generate a position value that indicates the actual position of the encoder shaft directly. MRI – Bearing-less encoder for large shafts. Technical information Basic technical knowledge about wncoder is necessary in order to obtain optimal performance in operation. For us, it means being accurate and exact in every operation. The characteristic of the series incremental encoder is its robustness for tough environment together with the compact design to minimize the overall build length.

ERM – Bearing-less leine&linee with high accuracy for large shafts. Product versions for up to 50mm of shaft diameter are available.

An absolute encoder can also be used to calculate a digital speed value. Therefore you should only use accessories that have been verified by us in terms of function and performance, as that is the best way to ensure that the accessories are the right quality. Choose from either incremental leine&linfe absolute. Learn more about cookies here.


The ERN series is the ideal product at generators with larger shaft diameter.

Robust encoder solutions – Leine & Linde

An incremental encoder usually generates a series of pulses in response to a linear or rotary position. By continuing to use the website, you accept the use of cookies. Incremental signal converter for frequency to analogue and serial output. This type of unit is often used for long distance data transfer and in environment with electromagnetic interference’s. The heavy duty XSI out of the series is extremely robust and made for harsh environments. The heavy duty incremental encoder is the absolute classic product for the generator feedback application which is in use in many wind turbines all over the world.

RxI – Robust 58mm incremental encoder.

Rotary encoder product finder

DIN-rail-mounted system for monitoring of speed, stoppages or direction. This website uses cookies to make your experience as good as possible. Data protection Legal details. The more advanced heavy duty incremental encoder offers two galvanic isolated output signals. Leie&linde following types are available: A multiplicity of different output signals and resolutions are available.

Because of the segmented ring into peaces, the installation, service and transport is much easier than within other solutions. A robust, IP67 design gives it a very high resistance to shock and vibration — ensuring a long service life.

The magnet ring encoder is the ideal product to measure rotational speed of large shafts in rough conditions. A gateway is used together with an encoder and can convert its signals for a different desired interface, e.

Robust draw wire for linear measurement. The integrated diagnostic system ADS allows to set up a condition-based maintenance which prevents the machine for unexpected down time.


Noticias y actualizaciones

Highly robust incremental encoder for rough environment and reliable data transmission with dual signal output via optical and electrical signal interface. It is very important that all accessories used in an application are of the same high quality as the encoder.

Types of Encoders Choose from either incremental or absolute. Resources Basic technical knowledge is necessary in order to obtain optimal performance. Our team of in-house technical experts will support you with business and technical expertise, delivering solutions that incorporate the latest encider.

Encoder accessories, couplings, converters, and gateways The right accessories for installation and extended functionality. The er series is known because of its versatile and modular design. Lekne&linde mechanical installation kits for shaft and hollow shaft encoders.

ERN – Incremental encoder for large shafts.

A robust DIN-rail-mounted system for fibre-optic transmission of incremental encoder signals. XHI – Heavy duty hollow shaft incremental encoder. View industry case studies further down the page. Larger diameters are available on request. Several types of couplings for installation of shaft encoders.

A gateway is used and can convert its signals for a different desired interface, e. These pulses can be used to measure speed or be fed to a PLC or counter to keep track of a relative position. Plus, several types of gateway for adapting signals. Especially made for customers which have to use different output signals.

XHD – Incremental encoder with dual output signal.